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"Cream of Melanin" Skin Care Sampler Pack

"Cream of Melanin" Skin Care Sampler Pack

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Moisture on the go!

Our "Cream of Melanin" Skin Care Sampler Pack is a creamy set of moisture that's been crafted with lots of love and care. My personal journey with sensitive skin led me to create this divine collection, filled with the richest kokum butter and natural oils to pamper and caress your delicate skin like never before.

Carry a little Pink & Honey, Coconut Lime, and Citrus everywhere you go!


• Apply a generous amount of your favorite cream to clean, dry skin, and massage in until fully absorbed.
• For best results, use daily and indulge your skin in the luscious goodness that our creams have to offer.
• This should NOT be used on the hair.

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