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"Condition Your Moisture" Hair Care Bundle

"Condition Your Moisture" Hair Care Bundle

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Let’s Get Those Curls Poppin’ 

Check out our dynamic dou: the Sweet Mango Leave-In Conditioner and Hair Vine Growth Oil! The conditioner is super light, perfect for curls that don’t like heavy stuff, and the oil is like a magic potion that makes your scalp super happy for awesome hair growth. Use them together and get ready for your hair to be all kinds of healthy, hydrated, and rocking it!


• Apply daily to style, moisturize, condition and /or detangle. Can be used as setting lotion with rods or rollers on dry hair. Enjoy twist-outs and wet curly styles on damp hair.

• Flexirod Set - Use Sweet Mango Leave-In Conditioner as a setting lotion. Section hair and apply conditioner. Roll with rods and continue until hair is complete. Sit under dryer or set overnight.
• Remove rods and apply a "small" amount of oil to hair. Next carefully separate curls and style.

See "Sweet Mango Leave-In Conditioner" for more styling tips.

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