Cevanna Naturals (pronounced Savannah) was founded in May 2015 by a beautiful girl with troubled skin. I named it after my daughter, a beautiful, rambunctious, independent toddler with attitude and personally to boot!



I’ve battled with head to toe eczema since birth, and while I primarily wore my hair in protective styles, my hair was very fine and thin. My scalp would flake and peel in large patches in between my braids often leaving light patches of skin at the front and back of my hairline. It was often difficult to wash or brush out the excess skin trapped in my hair.



In July, 2012 I was referred to a very prominent doctor in the Detroit Metro area for a consultation on my skin condition, specifically in my scalp. After performing a variety of tests including skin cultures, the recommendation was that I begin a regimen consisting of scalp injections, medicated shampoo, medicated scalp location, a medicated lotion compound, and electronic light treatments. After a couple of months, I did not see any positive changes and suspected that my hair was thinning. My natural hair stylist of more than 10 years confirmed my suspicions. I expressed my concern to my doctor who assured me this was not the case, and that my hair was on the road to recovery.



Around September of 2012, my natural stylist refused to twist my hair due to the rapid negative changes in my texture and volume. She said my texture had changed, and that my once fine, 4b curl pattern was now that of a cotton ball. My natural stylist did not agree with my treatment plan, and did not want to cause any further damage to my hair while it was in such a fragile state. During this time, I decided to try a stylist the doctor recommended and had worked with in the treatment of previous clients with similar conditions.



In October 2012 while brushing my hair one night, a large patch of my hair came out, effortlessly. I pulled it from the brush and was devastated. I stopped all treatments immediately but continued to watch my hair fall out over the next several months until I was virtually completely bald in the front of my hair from ear to ear. I had my remaining hair cut down to about 4 inches throughout.
I began to wear wigs while trying a variety of popular over the counter hair products such as; Dr. Miracles, Olive Oil Products, Blue Magic, and Carol’s Daughter. I tried everything! These products that had worked so well for countless others were not working for me. Following a discussion with a close friend, I decided to try a different approach and began researching natural products and watching online tutorials. Based on the reviews and benefits of my research, I complied a variety of natural ingredients, adding others I was interested in experimenting, and began applying it to my hair daily. I also mixed up a moisturizing shower spray for my scalp. My natural stylist once said, “Your hair is like a plant and it needs moisture in order to grow”. This statement made me realize that there is more to be done than simply putting applying products on top of my hair. I needed to feed and water my scalp (my soil) at the time it could best receive the optimum level of nutrition and moisture …. when my pores were open. In a short time, my hair began to grow faster, thicker, and without the excess skin growth I had struggle with since I was a child. Within a few months of using what is now Cevanna Naturals, I was able to return to my natural hair stylist who was amazed at the improvement my hair had taken. A new journey had begun. With each returning visit my stylist would say “I can’t believe you actually have a new head of hair” and she was right! My hair was stronger, thicker, had tighter, healthier coils, and most importantly…NO FLAKES! The change was remarkable!!!

Another side effect of my eczema is that over the counter lotions are not effective on my skin for locking in all-day moisture. Many products become like an ashy paste once applied and I would typically combine Vaseline with my eczema medication in hopes of not drying out by mid-afternoon. One day after running out of Vaseline, I decided to try the hair butter I had created on my problem areas. To my surprise it provided just the moisture needed for my excessively dry skin, and it lasted all day! I continued to apply it to my skin in place of Vaseline over the following weeks, and it was from that point that I decided to make Cevanna Naturals into a hair and body butter.

Though I'm not a doctor, I am very proud of the product that I have created in Cevanna Naturals, and the positive results it has yielded for myself and others who have tried it. I’m like so many other beautiful women out there sharing my story of what worked me. I encourage you to try it and see how well it works for you!